AOL Friends. Page 2.

Chronofof AKA Bri

I actually haven't talked to Bri in a while, which is a shame cuz he can always make me laugh. Bri's quite a guy, first of all, his artwork kicks ass. Second, he's fucking hilarious! Who else would think of spunking in someone's eyes as an attack? No one! That's who!

CuteAzusa AKA Nancy

I've known Nancy for a while..she's always been there for me and always willing to help with anything. She was even the original owner of Kunous Island! Not Oscar or Kunou... I don't even know why she created it either. I have to ask her sometime.

KasumiZinj AKA Kelley

I've just recently gotten to know Kelley, but, she's quite a person! She's somehow always this is, is beyond me, however. She's going out with Adam (TofuZinj) and he's visiting her least at the time I'm writing this. She's really into good music (Blink182, MxPx) and..she works at a renn. faire. Isn't she lucky? ;_;

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