Friends. Page 4.


Marron-chaaaan! =B I love Marronie. She's such a great friend. I worry about her lots though cause she has such a low opinion of herself sometimes.. she also made a really great program once called Nutscrape in parody of netscape.. I couldn't stop laughing! ::plays drunken golf with her::


Moro's a great pal! =D He also plays Magic.. or at least used too. It's fun to talk with him cause he's hilarious, and also knows lots n' lots n' lots about anime.. I think he's undefeated at scrambler as well.. or.. something.. except now I have that list that's like 500+ words long.. and.. stuff..


RankoRed, Kmmi, is teh ultimte quen of typose. She's fun to talk to as well, and she writes great stories and poems.  I really hope her marriage works out this time because she was really sad after her last one didn't..

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