Friends. Page 3.

Kinikiwi AKA Kikyo Chan

Kiks-sis! ;_; Kikyo rules and she's a really great author too. Umm. Yeah. She's fun to harass and stuff (DON'T KILL ME!) She also draws wicked kool art and stuff.. ON HER COMPUTER! ARGGH! WHY CAN'T I DRAW LIKE THAT?! She's also just really fun and caring and stuff. =B Oh yeah. and

Lum9999 AKA Kasey

Kasey is my anime watching, fansub buying pal. =D We watch pokemon everyday and then discuss it.. We're just odd like that. At one point she was gonna do a fandub/radio show of something.. I dunno what ever happened to that. She also never cusses or expresses sexual desire. she's kinda like Kasumi or Belldandy-sama.

MadRanchan AKA Ranchy AKA Danny

Danny's a great, great guy. And, he's also one of the few people who still talks about anime when people chat. He's being going through some rough times right now so, he may not be in the mood  to talk but don't take it personally, he's really a great pal.

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