Friends. Page 1.

Akki4 AKA Kimy

Kimy! Kimy's one of my really good friends. She's also really nice and caring and willing to listen to my problems (THANKS! :D) She's so nice, she even set me up with Askie! Yay! She has a sister.. named Tiffany (SwtKodachi)..I think I spelled that wrong..oh well, yeah, I called her once and Kody was being loud in the backround..and she screamed "I'M DOING MY FUCKING HOMEWORK!" whenever I see her I always scream "FUCKING HOMEWORK!" :D

AskieSama AKA Kirsti

Askie.. =B


Belley! heee..Belley AKA Jessica is Oscar's girlfriend. She's really nice and always helps me with my problems. I don't even know when I first met  I don't even remember. BUT! She's a very nice and caring person and is very fun to be around.

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