The Slayers Mini-Gallery

I didn't scan any of these. I stole them. The gallery will probably grow eventually. ^_^

ig-sl13b.jpg - Lina and Naga giving you the finger.

linaopen.jpg - Lina posing

minna10.jpg - Everyone running around, looking like they're being chased

slaycast.jpg - Slayers Cast

gourrysa.jpg - Gourry looks sad...

sly_p7.jpg - Lina casting flame arrow

linagrry.jpg - Lina and Gourry looking kawaii

sly_p10.jpg - Lina battling Zelgadis

sly_p13.jpg - Gourry fighting Shabernigdo

I did tell you it was a mini gallery!

 Slayers is Copyright 199? Central Park Media in the US, Not a clue in Japan..